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Our vision is to be a trailblazer in sports marketing and make an impact through our services and team. We want to create the biggest open marketplace where athletes and brands can connect. We help brands to choose the right fit for marketing campaigns and brand endorsements. Athletes can use our platform to reach out to brands directly and get sponsored.
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How It Works

Sponsor Champz provides a platform to athletes, events and brands. Athletes and Events can register at our platform to connect with brands for sponsorships. Brands can select Athletes and Events from a pool to endorse products or services. We also provide player profiles, analytical reports and social media reports to brands so they can decide based on the best information available. If you want to know more about our services please refer to Athlete, Brands or Influencers section.


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Corporates Choose right portfolio of events, athletes and brands Access to player profiles, analytical and social media reports Compare prices from a pool of athletes, events and teams
Athletes/Influencers Get more number of sponsorships Free Registration Reach out to brands directly