Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I have a lot of applications, how do I decide who to move forward with?
A: It is your campaign and thus, you decide upon the selection criteria. However, we suggest following criterias:
  • High engagement so you know which athletes have followers that engage with their post
  • A strong pitch that was personalised to your campaign and shows the athlete's enthusiasm to work together
  • Value for money i.e. looking at athletes who are working within your budget despite being valued at a much higher rate
  • Location, do you prefer to work with someone more local or someone who is in one of your target markets
Q: What should I do if my athlete isn't responding?
A: Our athletes are always striving to improve them, thus, they may have not been able to respond to your Invitation. But, if an athlete doesn't respond in a timely manner, feel free to email us at info@sponsorchampz in and we'll get in touch with them ASAP
Q: What is Engagement?
A: Engagement displayed on athlete profiles is based on:
  • The sum of likes, shares and comments where applicable for those platforms.
  • The highest engagement of any post by the athlete on that platform (excluding retweets) as a way to show potential
This is calculated for all posts the athlete has ever done.
Q: What's the best way to find the right athletes for my brand?
A: The best place to start is with what you want them to do.
Social Media, Product Feedback?
  • You'll want to find someone who is interested in your product and fits with your brand message
  • Take into account reach (followers) and engagement (% of reach)
  • Location is important here; athletes are often busy with their training and Sport meets around the Globe, so someone in or near your city is ideal Budget is always important, so be realistic of who you can get in your price range once you know what you want.
Q: How much does it cost to sponsor an athlete?
A: Cost is a very subjective term. Athletes are willing to accept product worth a few thousand rupees to eight figure sums. But with SponsorChampz you're in luck... we have a plethora of Athletes. Signup, publish a campaign and find the right Athlete for your product.
Q: Is my company a good fit for your service?
A: Yes. With the growth of Sports in India as well emergence of Social Media these Athletes have become huge influencers. Sports Sponsorship is a way to boost Sales, Brand recognition and helps you connect with a huge plethora of audience who are interested in Sports and follow them religiously.
Q: I just made an account as a brand, now what do I do?
A: First of all Welcome to our Platform. Indian Sports Network is available for you. Firstly set up your campaign. Provide all the details about your campaign providing all the details like Type of Campaign, Reimbursement, Deliverables and Other Terms and Conditions. As soon as you make the Campaign live you can expect the Athletes reaching out to you. You can also reach out to the Athletes which interest you. You can engage in discussion with them to find the right fit for you.
Q: Can I report an athlete?
A: If you need to report an athlete for whatever reason, you can reach out to us directly:

Q: How do I create my first campaign?
A: After you Login into our system you can create your Campaign through ‘Campaign’ tab.
Q: Is there a time limit on a campaign?
A: Nope, you can wait as long as you want to come to an agreement. You can post your campaign execution date as flexible as you want, meaning it won't expire until you find your perfect fit.
Q:What is an invite?
A: An Invite is a great way to proactively reach out to athletes to get them to appl y to your campaign. Head over to the search section to begin finding athletes that are of interest to you. For each athlete that you are interested in visit their Profile. From here you will be able to Invite then to apply to your campaign.
Q: Are our invitations to athletes public? Can everyone see that we are inviting these athletes to join our campaign?
A: No. Only the athletes you have invited can see you invitation.
Q: How do I get in touch with a specific athlete?
A: The same way you reach out to a friend on Facebook. Search our extensive database, type in a name and invite him or her to apply to your campaign. The athlete or their agent will typically reply within a business day or two and negotiations will continue from there.
Q: What are the next steps once I receive an application?
A: You’ve got an application from an athlete, now what? Well, you've got 3 options
Send Proposal - was the pitch what you wanted? Are they in a sport that interests you? Reach and engagement looking good? Price within your budget? Awesome, send a proposal with what you want them to do.
Send Message - need a little more information? No problem, send them a message with your questions.
Not Interested - as a courtesy so you don't keep them hanging, give a little feedback why they aren't right for this campaign. Don't worry they won't be offended and you can always invite them to a future campaign.
Q:We accepted an athlete's application but they aren't answering our messages. What should we do?
If an athlete isn't answering your messages, please send an email explaining your dilemma to and we’ll contact them directly.
Q:How do I know if an athlete is interested in my offer?
If an athlete is interested in your offer, they will send you an application. This will include a pitch about why they would like to partner with your brand, as well as answers to any questions you laid out in your campaign proposal. You can also invite athletes to your campaign.
Q: If we only want to offer product as payment and the athlete’s social media buy states Rs 5,00,000 then do they want us to provide them with Rs 5,00,000 worth of product?
A: Not necessarily. Athletes, like brands, will have their reservation points and will always be on the lookout for the best deals, but that doesn't mean that somebody with a Rs 5,00,000 buy in won't promote your product in exchange for a free one of their own. You can always test the water by sending an athlete an invite and hope they dive in!
Q: Once an athlete accepts a deal, what's the next move?
A: Congrats!!! Product Gifting deal: Ask for an address so you can send them your amazing products. Cash deal: Confirm a payment method with SponsorChampz and the deal will be facilitated through our platform.
Q:How do you guarantee that the athlete sticks to the terms in my campaign? (ie keeping post up for certain length of time, doing a specific action in photo, posting the correct caption)
A: To make sure both our athletes and brands meet their requirements of a deal, we hold all payments in an Escrow account until both parties are happy with the outcome of the deal :)
Q: Can I back out of a deal after agreement?
A: We encourage you to do everything possible to make the deal happen. We understand, things come up, life happens. However, if you cannot meet the requirements of the agreement for any reason, please email us at ASAP. We'll get everything figured out.
Q:How can I use an athlete's social media post after they post about my brand?
A: After athlete posts about your product you can repost it on your Social Media Channels as well as use it for other Marketing purposes.
Q: How does the payment work?
A: Product deal: once a deal has been accepted, the brand will contact the athlete and send out their offering. Cash deal: the money will be held in an Escrow account until the athlete has completed their requirements and both sides are happy.
Q: How do I process a payment as a brand?
A: Brand: Confirm a payment method with SponsorChampz, send the amount agreed upon, and wait for your awesome content.
Q:What are the costs for using services of SponsorChampz ?
A: There are no registration charges. However, we charge 20% of net sponsorship deal as sales commission, if we successfully get you a sponsorship deal. Till, the time you are not able to get a deal from us, you will not have to pay any charges to us.
Q: What should my Pitch sound like in my application?
A: Your pitch should be as per Brands requirements like how you would be promoting their brand, how you are the perfect person for their campaign. You can share details about previous Campaigns you have been a part of. Provide, as much relevant information as possible for Brand to make an informed choice.
Q:As an agent, when I apply for a campaign, will it show as coming from me or the athlete?
A: Engagement displayed on athlete profiles is based on: All messages, proposals, and deals show up as the athlete to the brand, but all the communication goes to you.
Q: : I signed up to SponsorChampz and I have applied to several brand's for sponsorship, but I haven't gotten any offers from brands. What should I do?
A:Brands look for athletes having a great social media presence. We suggest you to up your Social Media game like the way you are performing in your Sport. However, if you require support and advice regarding Social Media you can connect with us at

My Account
Q: I signed up as an agent/athlete, now what?
A: Congratulations on you completing the Sign Up process. We are glad to have you on our platform. Now it is time to make some money. Go to ‘New Campaigns’ tab under ‘ Campaigns and start applying to the Campaigns. Make a great pitch to the brands about why you are the right fit for their campaigns. Also, you can create your own Sponsorship Deals for brands to directly Sponsor you.
Q: I am an agent of multiple athletes, do I create one or multiple accounts?
A: As of today, you would have to create multiple accounts.
Q:How do I delete my account?
A: Engagement displayed on athlete profiles is based on: We would be sad to see you leave our platform. But if you still need to leave us you can write to us at
Q: :I am not active on social media, does that matter?
A: Social Media is a big tool in today’s world. So we advise you to be active on these platforms. There are also other avenues for which Brands might find you fit. However, if you want to know more about Social Media you can contact us at and we would be happy to help you.

Q:Why are my social stats not coming through?
A: You have to ensure that your profile is Public. Even if you are facing issues you can write to us at:
Q:I am a retired athlete, can I still create a profile?
A: Yes. You might not be playing the Sport but you can still be an influencer for your fans which the Brands might look into.

Q:Do I have to pay to apply to campaigns?
A: Nope. It's 100% free.
Q: How many campaigns can I apply to?
A: You can apply to as many Campaigns you want. Greater the number of campaigns you apply to greater are the chances of you getting a deal.
What is the procedure after I apply to the Campaigns?
A: After you apply to Campaigns, you can track the status of these applications under ‘My Campaigns’ tab. You can also interact with the Brands about the Campaign through the Messaging feature.
If the campaign maximum price is Rs 3,00,000, why I should ask for less money?
A: There is a chance that the campaign you are applying would have other athletes competing with you for the same. Since, brand is looking for ‘Value for Money’ for their campaign and may try to work with more than 1 athlete.
A: Campaign price is the total budget that the brand has to spend o the Campaign. So we suggest you to quote a value which you perceive as reasonable. Over charging may be deterrent in getting you a deal, so apply wisely.

Q:Brand has accepted my application but I've had no news since then. What should I do?
A: You can reach out to them by sending a message on the platform. If they still do not respond you can send us a mail at and we will connect with them.
Q:Can I negotiate with the brand?
A: Absolutely. We allow you to negotiate with the brand through the Messaging option available on the platform. If you believe that certain deliverables are not as per your requirements you can certainly try to reach a middle ground with the Brand. For that you can drop them a message and discuss with them in details about each other’s requirements.

Q: Can I back out of a deal after agreement?
A: We encourage that you do carry forward with the deal, but however, due to some unforeseen circumstances if you are not able to carry forward with the Agreement Kindly write to us at .

Q:How do I get paid as an athlete?
A: Once the deal is accepted, we will hold onto payment until complete your part in an Escrow Account. Once you make our brands happy, we will transfer the money via your required mode.
Q: How long does payment take after I have delivered on my part of the deal?
A: As soon as you post, or meet the deliverables asked by the brand, we will release the money from our escrow account and send the money as per your required mode (via Cheque or Online Transfer). Depending upon the mode of payment it may take upto 10 days for transfer of payment. However, in case of any issues you can reach out to