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Sports Sponsorship Scenario in India and Impact of Sports Leagues On It

In recent years, the sports sector in India has witnessed a huge development. Indeed, cricket continues to be the sport with huge followers in the nation. However, other sports have also started to attract considerable followers in the recent past. For instance, the introduction of new sports leagues in sports like kabaddi, hockey and football is changing the face of Indian sports. Most importantly, Indian athletes now get a global platform to showcase their talents to viewers, thereby increasing their chances of finding new fans.

New Sports Leagues on the way:

Nearly 8 new sports leagues are planned across the world, while four of them have been planned in India in the coming years. They are cue sports, sailing league, Indian Beach Volleyball League and Ultimate Table Tennis League. Of course, in the recent past two leagues have become obsolete in India (Indian Volley League and Golf Premier League). Further, five other leagues are successfully running in India from the period starting from 2012 and are continuing to rule the hearts of sports enthusiasts and they are:

  • I-League
  • Hockey India League
  • Pro Kabaddi League
  • Pro Wrestling League
  • Premier Badminton League

The rising popularity of sports and the recurrent hosting of large sporting events in the country have provided and continue to provide a wide range of business opportunities for corporates. The outcome is not just increased branding and sponsorship, but also the growth of many sports start-ups. Many former amateur sportspeople have now turned entrepreneurs and they are setting up new businesses that range from e-tailing sports apparel and goods to provide sports analytics. Thanks to the increasing sports sponsorship scenario in India and this has contributed to the development of new small businesses, which contribute to the economy of the country as a whole.

India becoming a true sports nation:

Five years ago, when Star Sports unveiled the Pro-Kabbadi League, many worrywarts believed that this league could not thrive in a nation that is crazy only about cricket. Yet now we are in the year 2019 and this year the 7th pro-kabaddi league is being telecasted. This stands as proof that there is a future for sports in India with sports beyond cricket is set to bring the momentum. Again, thanks to the sports sponsorship. When there are eyeballs of fans focusing on non-cricket sports, there are eyeballs of advertisers and sponsors obviously and they are all set to spend money. The latest report published by the Entertainment & Sports division of GroupM featuring “Sporting Nation in the Marketing” article shows a record of double-digit growth of 12% in 2018 in sponsorship and a roaring Rs.7,762 crore value associated only with sports advertising. All these data stand as clear proof that India on her journey to turning in to a true sports nation.

Report from Impact E-Paper:

The following picture from the Impact E-Paper stand as the proof of India’s growth as a sports nation due to the improving sports sponsorship scenario in India:


As Indians, we should be proud not just for your cricketers, but also for champions of all the sports. It is only our viewership that will attract even more sponsors to those less-popular sports!


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